We enable difference through strategic innovation. Taking a big-picture, objective view to look at:


What’s working? What isn’t? How can we create positive change?


We offer four areas of service, which are underpinned by our Transform and Elevate Your Innovation Framework.

If you're struggling to align innovation

with your corporate strategy, you're not alone.

In fact, 74% of C-level executives struggle with this.


At Launchpad9, we take an objective, 360-degree approach to your business, creating solutions to match your organisation’s unique needs and helping you gain buy-in from every level of the organisation.


​Whether you need help inspiring an innovation mindset in your people, or identifying the obstacles which are getting in the way of your innovation potential, we’ve got the knowledge and ideas to create real and lasting solutions.


We believe discipline plus informed creativity equalis real innovation results.


Our four key services are designed to unlock your innovation potential.


Not sure where to start?


Innovate beyond the obvious with tailored services to advance innovation.


Equip your people with the right online innovation courses and face-to-face programs.


Book Claire Quigley for your next event or podcast and get inspired on innovation.


Proactive collaboration to connect you with opportunities, capabilities and best practices.

Transform and Elevate your Innovation Program

This is one of the only online innovation programs which focusses on how to successfully execute innovation at all levels and types across your business. It is practical, it is experience driven.

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