The right innovation training can empower your team to learn, apply, and grow.

There are two main reasons why innovation training fails:

  • It is not reinforced within 30 days, which results in 90% of learning being lost.

  • People are trained on how to come up with innovative ideas, but not on how to execute them.

At Launchpad9, we offer innovation training, education programs and workshops, to help your team embrace innovation and execute big ideas.

Whether you’re after a bespoke program tailored to your exact knowledge gaps and requirements, or would like to benefit from one of our tried and tested programs which are proven to get results, we’d love to help. 

  • Do you struggle to align your innovative products and services with sales success?

  • Have you got innovation projects gathering dust on the shelf?

  • Do you lose momentum on your projects due to internal bottlenecks or a lack of support?

All too often, we see ambitious organisations struggle to execute their innovative ideas and projects. But with the right education and training, you’ll be able to upskill your team and empower them when it comes to successfully making innovation happen.


Because 80% of breakthrough companies assign their success not to extraordinary ideas, but to the extraordinary execution of ideas.

Innovation Training for:


Leadership training for current and emerging leaders to encourage an innovation mindset.


Motivate your management with practical training on executing innovation and coping with roadblocks.


From identifying innovative solutions to implementing to new ideas, we'll help your team to achieve more.

At Launchpad9, we deliver

innovation education and training as follows:


Tailored Innovation Training Programs and Workshops

We’ll work with you to create an ideal training program, based on the current expertise and experience of your team. We’ll identify knowledge gaps and stumbling blocks, and deliver practical training which is engaging and easy to implement. 


Our hands-on workshops can be designed to address specific challenges or opportunities when it comes to your innovation strategy.


Training programs and workshops can be delivered face-to-face, online, or as a blend of both, to best suit your team’s requirements.

Other speakers can talk the talk but may not really know the depths of it all. Claire knew it backwards and founders can pick up on that instantly. And they really responded so well to the content because they trusted her. This is perfect for anyone really committed to looking at how they can improve things – it’s for someone willing to commit, not someone wanting a quick training to tick a box.

Dimity Smith

Project Officer, NSW Rural Women's Network at NSW Department of Primary Industries and Community, Outreach and Communications Manager,

UNE SMART Region Incubator


Powerful Pre-Built Innovation Programs

Our pre-built programs are based on the needs we’ve identified when it comes to embracing innovation in a meaningful way. These powerful training programs can be delivered in-person or virtually.


Current programs include:

Innovation Bootcamp

Ready to innovate beyond the obvious? True innovation requires clarity around what you’re trying to achieve, consistency in how you approach this, and insights about your performance. Our innovation bootcamp training delivers all three, and includes workbooks, tools, case studies and insights to get your boot camp participants excited, inspired and equipped.

Innovation ideas worth solving

Do you have an innovation idea to explore? Find out whether it’s an idea worth pursuing with our practical program, which will help you gain clarity around your ideas.


We’ll look at three key stages:

- Is it real? What’s the opportunity? What’s the need? Let’s investigate the problem and see if we can justify the need.

- Can we solve it? We’ll set the scene, learn how to generate solutions, and how to evaluate our ideas.

- Are we progressing? Let’s look at your innovation portfolio, measure what matters, and identify the governance, systems and processes needed.

Are you ready to explore the opportunities within your business?


Our See It, Solve It, Scale It program will help you spot your gaps and opportunities, find ways to solve the needs you have, and allow you to scale your business model accordingly.


The See it, Solve it, Scale it workshops are perfect for all business types and sizes. As a small business startup it was starting to become more difficult in determining the forest from the trees. This workshop helped provide clarity through a structured approach and through Claire's experiences,” workshop participant, I2N Hub, University of Newcastle.


I found my time invested in this workshop to be of great value. It was a great opportunity to work on my business instead of being caught up simply working in my business. I found the material supplied and topics covered to be perfectly suited to my business needs. I would certainly attend another course from the facilitators and highly recommend this workshop to all levels of businesses,” workshop participant, I2N Hub, University of Newcastle.


Online Blended Program

Learn, Apply, Grow

90% of learning is lost unless it is reinforced within 30 days, and research shows humans can retain just up to nine chunks of information at any one time. Instead of cramming hours of videos, papers and eBooks into this program, we have purposefully designed it to allow participants to:

  • Learn via videos and case studies delivered each week
  • Apply learning via the given tools and thinking immediately.
  • Grow via the experience of applying these tools and thinking, and having reinforced learning on the weekly group coaching-consulting call.

By approaching learning in this way, participants have a much greater chance at success both in terms of their learning retention and taking the action needed immediately to transform and elevate your innovation practices.

Let's work together to solve your innovation education needs.

Not sure what kind of innovation education your organisation needs? Get in touch and arrange a free consultation to get started.