When it comes to achieving your innovation goals, we believe collaboration with the right people can be a key piece in the innovation puzzle.

Our collaborative approach

At Launchpad9, we’re focused on creating solutions to serve your needs and achieve the best outcomes. This means identifying your needs, and looking for the best people to help you address these.


To do this, we collaborate with other specialists and consultants, so that together we can deliver a tailored solution which is ideal for your organisation. We’re aware that sometimes we don’t have the right skillset, which is why we’ve built a network of trusted experts we can bring in to solve specific problems.


Our end goal is always to help you unlock your innovation potential, using the right skills and people to get you there.

Looking for innovation

expertise to boost your offer?

Are you an agency, organisation, or consultant looking to partner with a specialist innovation expert?


At Launchpad9, we’re available to help with everything from small one-off projects and specific tasks, to organisation-wide change, and we can do this in a flexible way to fit your needs.


Perhaps you’re a project manager, who’s identified a need for leadership training around innovation before a project can be launched. Or perhaps you’re a consultant specialising in company culture, looking for an innovation expert to complement your offer. Or an agency looking for an innovation specialist to white label as part of your team.


We’re open to having conversations around potential collaborations and partnerships, so if you’d like to connect and explore the possibilities, we’d love to hear from you.

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