The 4 Innovation Zones Playbook is a free downloadable playbook that will help you in your innovation journey which you can easily adapt to your business to execute projects successfully.

I hosted a webinar all around the hot topic of Innovation Metrics, in particular, the 4 common pitfalls to avoid when putting in place these metrics. It’s about being realistic, consistent and recognising that without clear direction, well-thought-through systems and engaged people, your innovation success rate will be less than 10%.

Questions asked and answered centred around:

  • what to include on a metrics dashboard for the team,
  • what to consider when setting up your innovation steering committee, and
  • how to find new growth areas.

If you are trying to get your head around where to start or looking to move towards best practice innovation systems and processes. Click on the link below to get access to this webinar.

Creating Value in Uncertainty is a three-part video series that provides practical approaches and tools to help new and established business owners and managers explore, evaluate and execute opportunities that add or create new value for customers and their business in times of rapid change and uncertainty. Click below to learn more about this video series and how you can register to watch it online.